Speaker James S. Gordon: Helping communities navigate trauma

Communities across Iowa and the country have dealt with countless natural disasters over the past decade, including flooding and tornadoes. These events cause community-wide devastation that call for a community-wide response.

We frequently see stories of Iowans and Americans stepping up to help with the recovery of the built environment, but what about the psychological recovery?

This is the central question to be addressed by James S. Gordon, M.D., the next speaker in the Tomorrow Plan Speaker Series. Gordon says that climate-related disasters – as well as school shootings, high levels of joblessness and poverty, and opioid addiction – are best treated as public health crises, rather than medical issues.

For his talk, Gordon will present a model of population-wide trauma healing that he describes in his new book, “The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma.” He and his colleagues at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine have implemented this model in communities across the United States that have been affected by hurricanes, flooding and wildfires.

Gordon’s talk is timely for Greater Des Moines, which has experienced significant flash flooding recently that resulted in devastating destruction for whole neighborhoods. Before the keynote, State Historical Society curator Leo Landis will discuss how Iowa communities responded to President Lincoln’s assassination in 1865.

The Tomorrow Plan Speaker Series is an implementation strategy for The Tomorrow Plan, a plan for the sustainable development of Greater Des Moines. For more information and to RSVP, please visit https://tomorrowplanspeakerseries.org/james-s-gordon/.

Thank you to the generous sponsors of this event.