Andrew Zolli: “Learning to Bounce Back: Creating Resilient Communities”

In an era of constant disruptions, what gives communities the ability to bounce back in the face of new challenges? What does it mean for the way we build—and rebuild—cities, neighborhoods, industries and networks? In times of change, why do some people, communities, companies and systems thrive, while others fall apart?

These are some of the questions asked and answered by international resiliency trainer and speaker Andrew Zolli, co-author of “Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back” and a strategic advisor to a wide array of governmental organizations, NGOs, startups, cultural and civil society groups, and companies such as Nike and GE. He was special guest to Greater Des Moines on April 25 for a community conversation about the resiliency of the region’s people and institutions.

“If we cannot control the volatile tides of change, we can learn to build better boats,” Zolli writes in “Resilience.” “We can design­—and redesign—organizations, institutions, and systems to better absorb disruption, operate under a wider variety of conditions, and shift more fluidly from one circumstance to the next.”

Zolli’s trip to Greater Des Moines was a follow-up to a meeting last summer, when 150 nonprofit executive directors, board members and their corporate partners met to discuss how to navigate through times of disruption. To continue the conversation, several organizations have partnered to bring Zolli to Greater Des Moines for a day of discussion that is open to the public and especially applicable to leaders working in corporate, government and nonprofit settings.

Zolli gave a talk as part of The Tomorrow Plan Speaker Series, followed by an afternoon nonprofit training opportunity.


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